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Melanie was living in a shelter with her mom, Jada, and her sister, Cindy when they were taken in by a volunteer from Lifeline Animal Rescue. When they were taken to the vet, it was discovered that Cindy had Cerebellar Hypoplasia, and Melanie had Pectus Excavatum. Cindy could live with her condition, but Melanie's life was in danger. Her sternum was concave and crushing her heart and lungs. She was less than one pound, but there was no time to wait for her to grow. The vet predicted that she would not live past 8 weeks if an emergency surgery was not performed. No animal hospital in the area had done a surgery on a kitten as small as Melanie, but we found one that took a chance. We did many different fundraisers in order to raise money, and we finally raised the $2,500 we needed for the surgery. These surgeries are rarely successful, especially on kittens, but Melanie was a miracle. She survived the surgery, and was sent to a foster home to recover. Her foster family took care of Mel for 4 months until she was ready to be put up for adoption. After her first day of being seen by potential adopters, her family decided that they could not give her up. They loved her too much. They adopted Melanie (aka Mel B) into their family, and she has been living with them ever since. She has made a full recovery, and her favorite actives are now staring out the window at birds, playing with her older cat sister named Luna, and ripping up curtains. She is a spunky trouble-maker, but her strong spirit is what helped her survive, and her family loves her for that. Melanie has touched everyone she meets. Her former vets and many Lifeline volunteers are always checking up on her. She is a constant reminder of what love and kindness can achieve, and living proof that miracles can happen.