Joey & Tonda

Louisiana SPCA

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Joey’s story began at the LA-SPCA after being abandoned at an apartment complex in December of 2013. With an apparent birth defect that caused his front legs to curl upwards, Joey was named for the way he hops around, like a baby kangaroo. This little man has quite the back story, which was uncovered by his forever mama after she adopted him in October of 2014. Joey was born Christmas Eve, 2012. At 3 days old Joey’s, then Rudolph, legs started to curl upwards. Unsure of the quality of life he would lead, his breeder’s took him to the veterinarian at 4 weeks old expecting euthanasia to be the only feasible option. When the veterinarian opted not to euthanize, he was renamed Lucky. Unfortunately, this name failed to protect him and the next couple of years were not kind to our Joey. After first being given to a family member Joey, at no fault of his own, was passed from person to person, abandoned at the apartment complex where we at the LA-SPCA met him, adopted, passed around again, and then surrendered to a different local animal shelter. In these 2 years, he had at least 8 different “owners”. As fate would have it, this is where his forever mama, Tonda, found him. After Tonda shared his story on Facebook, Joey was noticed by a member of the LA-SPCA community as one of our own and was immediately pulled back to our shelter. Tonda was interested in fostering this special man from day one, and was able to after he was pulled from the LA-SPCA by a special needs rescue group. As fast as you can say foster failure, at 2 years old, Joey was finally where he belonged. Tonda was made for Joey, just as Joey was made for Tonda. After driving him to Virginia to be fit for prosthetics, and trying out a specialized wheelchair, it was clear that Joey was entirely capable, and much happier to bounce around just as he we born. Joey, who was also discovered to be deaf, loves his new life and has a brother “Jo-Jo” who quite literally has his back - Joey can often be found resting his front paws on Jo-Jo. Joey loves his boat rides, taking his title of “Bayou Boy” very seriously. Once he sees his life jacket, he gets crazy excited, zooming around like a bunny. It took 2 long years for this family to find each other, but it is clear that Joey is exactly where he was meant to be.