Zion & Kellie Adkins

Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control

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Kellie adopted Zion from our shelter a little over a year ago. He was just a puppy then and he was deaf. She immediately fell in love with him. She named him Zion after Zion National Park, because he loves going on adventures in the great outdoors. Their first trip was to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, where Zion discovered a love of digging and playing in the water. There, he also met an Australian Shepherd friend named Arugula. The pair are still hiking buddies to this day. Zion loves going on adventures with Kellie, but his favorite part is sleeping by the campfire after a long day of hiking and playing in streams and rivers. Because Zion is deaf, Kellie has taught him sign language so they can communicate. She says, "Zion's deafness has never - at least to me - impeded his quality of life, happiness, or ability to learn and thrive." Kellie says that Zion has been the light of her life for the last year. We hope the two can continue going on adventures together for many years to come!